We are offers a wide variety of adhesive material to meet customers’ needs. Along with great electrical characteristics, the tape has a number of excellent features such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, low friction coefficient and non-adhesiveness.

•  Floor Masking Tape, we are offer both of single color and two color combinations. The great thing is that is sticks to almost any surface, can twist and turn for curves in the road and comes off easily with no residue.

•  OPP Packaging Tape, Strong OPP packaging tape having superior adhesion both of clear and brown texture.

•  Cloth Packaging Tape, using spun rayon as base material, coated with thick adhesive has superior even to rough surfaces.

•  Kraft Packaging Tape, The backing of the tape is textured to prevent slipping, can write on the backing using oil-based inks, and it sticks well when applied in layers.

•  Etc.